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 Offline-Invoice - create & print Invoices offline
 and upload to QuickBooks later 



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VERSION 2.6 NOW AVAILABLE !! Download here. 

Offline-Invoice is an easy to use windows program to create and print Invoices offline and then upload them to your QuickBooks Online account at a later time. 

Offline-Invoice is intended for businesses who use QuickBooks Online for their business accounting, but need the ability to create and print invoices offline at times and places where internet access to the cloud is unreliable.

Offline-Invoice is designed specifically for Australian businesses, and incorporates the required fields to support Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Main Window

The free Demo mode of Offline-Invoice is identical to the Pro mode, except that it will only download and display the invoices from QuickBooks Online.  Once the Pro mode is unlocked with a registration code, Offline-Invoice will allow creating new invoices, printing, and uploading back to QuickBooks Online. 

Downloaded data files are usually stored in a folder named "Offline-Invoice", under the user's main "My Documents" folder.  But this may be changed at users discretion. 

Password Protection

Offline-Invoice requires a user password to encrypt and protect the QuickBooks Online access codes, which are stored on your local PC.  Offline-Invoice sets no limits on what the password can be, so it is up to the user to select as strong a password as he deems appropriate for his own circumstances.  You can change the password at any time by clicking "New Password".  But note that because the password is used to encrypt the access codes, if you change the password then any existing access codes will be lost, and you will need to re-authorise Offline-Invoice to access your QuickBooks company files after a password change.

QuickBooks Authorisation

When Offline-Invoice is first used, or after a password change, you will need to authorise it to access your QuickBooks Online company files.  Offline-Invoice will start your browser so you can log into QuickBooks online, choose your company (if you have more than one), and Authorise Offline-Invoice access.  Once you have selected "Authorise", you will be shown a page giving your company ID number and temporary authorisation code.  You must then copy and paste these two codes from the browser window into the appropriate boxes in Offline-Invoice to complete authorisation. 

Once you have authorised Offline-Invoice and entered the company ID and authorisation code, the program will contact QuickBooks Online and obtain the actual access codes.  These access codes, which are encrypted with your password and stored locally on your PC, will enable Offline-Invoice to access your company accounts for up to 6 months without the need to go through the cumbersome browser authorisation again.  After 150 days have passed, you may select "Extend QuickBooks Access" from the Options menu, to get new access codes good for another 6 months, without having to go through the browser authorisation process.  At any time, you may select "De-authorise QuickBooks Access" from the Options menu, to cancel the access codes for the currently selected company.

Please note that QuickBooks cannot differentiate different copies of Offline-Invoice on different machines.  So suppose you authorise Offline-Invoice on one PC, and then you or a colleague attempt to access your company account using Offline-Invoice on a second PC, the second copy of Offline-Invoice will not have the access codes, so it will go through the browser authorisation process again to get new codes.  This process will obtain new access codes for the second PC, but will also cancel any existing access codes held by the first PC.  So if you later go back to the first PC, it will need to use the browser process again to get new access codes, which will cancel the access codes granted to the second PC, etc, etc...