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This close-up photo of Eta Carina was taken with a film camera through the LX200GPS telescope. The camera was mounted at prime focus, with f/6.3 focal reducer, Konica 400ASA film, and 2 minute exposure, in January 2003.

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This wide-angle photo of the region around Eta Carina was produced by stacking and processing 3 photos taken with a Fuji Finepix S602 digital camera on maximum zoom, with 1600ASA speed setting and 15 second exposure time for each photo. The camera was mounted piggy-back on a tracking telescope. South is up in this image, taken in December 2003.

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This similar photo was taken in April 2004, again with the digital camera mounted piggy-back. But this image is a single photograph with 400ASA speed setting and 1 minute exposure time. The 1 minute exposure was achieved using the multi-exposure mode of the camera to overlay 4x 15 second exposures on the one image. The image has been enhanced to darken the background and sharpen the image.

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