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Pictures of Saturn



This first set of pictures are single images taken through the 9mm eyepiece of my telecope using different types of camera, as marked.  The right hand images have been lightly processed to enhance contrast and sharpness.  In all cases the image seen by the eye was much clearer than what you see in these pictures.  This demonstrates the difficulties and importance of getting focus and exposure times just right for a single image camera.

Image on film, Dec 2002.
Konica 400ASA

Kodak digital, Jan 2003.
Exposure 1/45 sec.

Fuji digital, Dec 2003.
400ASA, 1/15 sec.

Fuji digital, Dec 2003.
Single video frame.

The second set of pictures were produced using the video mode of my Fuji Finepix digital camera, to take videos containing several hundred frames each.  The frames in each video were then stacked and processed with Registax to produce the images you see here.  These images are closer to what the eye was actually seeing through the scope, but you can notice some small artifacts of the processing creeping in near the ring edges.  These images were all taken over several nights in December 2003.