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Registered users of TxPlan have access to the following Pro features:

Additional View Options    

  • Additional tabs on the View Options dialog allow the user to edit the Colours, Fonts and Carrier Levels used on the diagram.  Extra commands in the View menu enable the display to be reset back to Default Fonts, Default Colours and Default Levels Scale.

Add, Modify, Save & Delete carriers    

  • Unregistered users must enter the list of carriers in a specific format in a text input file, which is then loaded by TxPlan.  Any text editor can be used to create the text input file.  Details of the specific format of this text file are available in the program help. 
  • Registered users do not need to worry about text file formats, or editing text files.  They can add new carriers via the Edit Menu, modify carriers, delete carriers and save carriers to file, all within TxPlan itself. 

Scrunch Carriers    

  • The Scrunch Carriers command, causes TxPlan to automatically adjust the centre frequencies of all carriers to remove any overlaps or gaps between carriers.  The optimum carrier spacings are determined based on the calculated occupied bandwidth of each carrier.  This function can be used to plan carrier centre frequencies to minimise required lease bandwidth. 

Shift Carriers    

  • The Shift Carriers command, causes TxPlan to translate the centre frequencies of all carriers by a specified frequency step.  This function can be used to calculate the effect of frequency converters, BUCs, LNBs, etc, including the case of spectrum inversion when applicable. 

Intermod Frequencies Report    

  • When a set of carriers pass through a non-linear device, such as an amplifier, intermodulation products will result.  Passive Intermodulation Products (PIMs) can also be generated by towers or other metallic structures close to a transmitting microwave or satellite antenna.  TxPlan produces a report listing the frequencies of the third order intermodulation products, which are usually of most interest.  Calculating the power levels of intermods requires detailed knowledge of the device characteristics, which is beyond the current scope of TxPlan. 

Fonts & Colours    

  • The View Preferences dialog allows all users to change view settings of title text and frequency scale.  Registered Pro users may also change level axis settings, as well as all colours and fonts used on the diagram.  The background of the diagram may be a single colour, a colour gradient, or a user selected image.  User preference settings may be saved and reloaded later;