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TxPlan Program


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Sample TxPlan Screenshots

Please note that the exact look and feel of the program will vary on each computer depending upon the individual user's operating system and theme settings. 

TxPlan Main Window
Sample Screenshot

Fixed Bandwidth/Symbolrate Carrier Input (Pro Feature)
Sample Screenshot

FEC & Modulation Detail Carrier Input (Pro Feature)
Sample Screenshot

Carrier Input via Selection from MODCOD File (Pro Feature)
Sample Screenshot

TxPlan View Options
TxPlan View Options

TxPlan Colour Options (Pro Feature)
TxPlan Colour Options

Sample TxPlan Diagrams

Sample 1
Transponder Frequency Plan of NSS-6 Satellite

Sample 2
L-band Carrier Frequency Layout

Sample 3
Colour gradient background

Sample Intermod Frequency Report

Part of Intermod Frequency Report