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Before paying any money, please download the program and try it out in free Lite mode.  It may be that all you need are the free Lite features, in which case you do not need to register.  Registration and payment are only required to unlock the Pro mode features.  Registered users will also receive email advice about any program updates as soon as they become available.  Most updates can be downloaded and installed at no extra charge.

NOTE: Registered users of GEOPoint also gain access to the Pro features of the following programs LEOPoint, HorizonProfile, and GreatCirc, at no extra charge.  Simply enter your unique GEOPoint registration code into the Help-Registration dialog in each of these programs.

What Does Registration Cost?

Registration to unlock the Pro mode involves payment of the appropriate single-user license fee:

  • AUD$55.00 (≈ US$40, ≈ €34), which includes Australian GST;

A registration code will be emailed to you within 2-3 business days of receipt of payment. 
A tax invoice will be emailed to Australian users for their GST records.

AUD $55

For details on multi-user licenses, contact Gunamoi Software: software @gunamoi.com.au.

Once you have your code, start GEOPoint and select "Registration..." on the "Help" menu, then cut-and-paste your code from the email into the box provided.  Exit and restart the program to activate the new code.  It's as simple as that, and you will immediately have access to all of the program's features, and future updates.

Payment Options

Your payment choices are:

  • Immediate credit card payment through PayPal, using the link provided above.
  • Send a company purchase order to Gunamoi Software, and your company will be invoiced (Australian Companies only).

The address and fax details for Gunamoi Software are provided on the contacts page.

Please note that registrations are processed manually by Gunamoi Software during normal business hours in Sydney Australia.  In most cases, a registration code will be emailed to you within a few hours of payment.  But please allow up to 2-3 days for delivery depending upon time zones, holidays, and payment processing delays.