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Registered users of GEOPoint have access to the following Pro features:

ITU-R Climate Models    

  • GEOPoint includes built-in ITU-R world climate and topography databases, which are only accessible if the program is registered.  Basic climate data for the specified earth station location are displayed on one of the tabs on the main dialog, and used as defaults in path-loss and rain-attenuation calculations.

World Map Zoom & Save    

  • When selecting an earth station site from the world map, the registered user may zoom the map one level to more accurately select the site.  The registered program will also estimate the earth station site altitude based on ITU-R topography data.
  • The current map displayed in the Map window can be saved to an image file, including marked earth station location and labeled azimuth and elevation contours.
  • The azimuth and elevation contours may be saved to an output file, in KML format for viewing with Google Earth.

GEO Arc Diagram     (sample GEO Arc diagrams)

  • the user can view a diagram of the geostationary arc visible from the specified location;
  • the user may customise the displayed colours and fonts for all parts of the GEO Arc image;
  • the user may specify a background image for the GEO Arc;
  • the GEO Arc diagram can display labels for specific satellites, from a file supplied by the user;
  • the GEO Arc diagram can plot the motion of satellites, from a user file supplied file containing Norad two-line elements data, or Intelsat 11 parameter ephemeris data;
  • the GEO Arc diagram can include the local horizon profile, from a file supplied by the user;
  • the GEO Arc diagram can mark the movement limits for limited motion antennas;
  • the GEO Arc diagram can be displayed in normal horizon format, or as a full-sky zenith plot;
  • the GEO Arc Diagram can be saved as an image file suitable for printing or inclusion in documents;
  • the user can quickly batch produce GEO Arc diagrams for a list of sites, either as individual image files, or combined into a single PDF document.

Sun Outage Prediction Report    

  • the program can produce a detailed Sun Report which provides more information on sun outage dates and times;
  • the report lists all of the expected sun-outage events for the given satellite and location in a given year;
  • the duration of all sun-outage events are calculated based on receive antenna parameters input by the user;
  • the user has the option of saving the Sun Report as PDF, HTML, or plain text (TXT), or comma separated values (CSV) suitable for loading into a spreadsheet program.

Satellite AzEl List Report    

  • the program can produce a Satellite AzEl List report which includes a list of pointing angles to satellite locations visible from the specified site, either listing all satellite locations at 1 degree intervals, or using a list of specific satellites of interest from a user supplied input file;
  • the AzEl list file includes the calculated azimuth and elevation angles to each of the satellite positions;
  • the user has the option of saving the AzEl List as PDF, HTML, or plain text (TXT), or comma separated values (CSV) suitable for loading into a spreadsheet program.

Antenna G/T Estimator    

  • given basic antenna and receive system parameters, GEOPoint can provide an estimate for the Antenna G/T;

Path Loss Estimator    

  • given site climate data and link frequency, GEOPoint can use ITU-R models to estimate the path loss between earth station and satellite.  This includes clear-sky loss, as well as rain-faded loss for a specified availability objective.

Rain Attenuation Report    

  • for the specified satellite and earth station location, GEOPoint can output a Rain Report which summarises the path loss and rain attenuation for a range of common frequencies and link availability objectives, using ITU-R models.

EIRP & Frequency Stability Estimator    

  • given the link frequency and antenna diameter, GEOPoint can provide an estimate of the impact of satellite motion on the link EIRP & Frequency Stability, for both station-kept and inclined orbit satellites.

Batch Summary Report    

  • where calculations are required for a number of earth station locations in a network, GEOPoint can take a list of earth station locations from a user input file, and produce a Batch Summary Report which tabulates the various calculation and database results for each listed site.

NOTE: Registered users of GEOPoint also gain access to the Pro features of the following programs LEOPoint, HorizonProfile, and GreatCirc, at no extra charge.  Simply enter your unique GEOPoint registration code into the Help-Registration dialog in each of these programs.