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GEOPoint Program


Release Notes

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System Requirements

You will need:

  • Latest version: Windows 7 or later, 32 bit or 64bit versions available.
  • Legacy version 4.4: Windows XP, 32bit only.
  • 60MB free hard disk space.
  • Screen resolution set to at least 1024x768.
  • a web browser to view reports in HTML format.
  • a PDF reader to view reports in PDF format.


Anyone may download and install GEOPoint to access the basic Lite features free of charge. 
Registration and payment are only required to unlock the Pro features of the program.

NOTE: Registered users of GEOPoint also gain access to the Pro features of the following programs LEOPoint, HorizonProfile, and GreatCirc, at no extra charge.  Simply enter your unique GEOPoint registration code into the Help-Registration dialog in each of these programs.

Download the latest GEOPoint installers here.

  DOWNLOAD GEOPoint 4.6 (Windows 32 bit) (20.3MB) 

  SHA1 checksum: 13f461f2fb92301da5c310336cc408e2684b4542

  DOWNLOAD GEOPoint 4.6 (Windows 64 bit) (20.6MB) 

  SHA1 checksum: 96c32ef346ef90ed4752608e48d586f6c9805efe

Download the old version GEOPoint v4.4 application for Windows XP here.

  DOWNLOAD GEOPoint 4.4 (Windows 32 bit) (19.9MB) 

  SHA1 checksum: 0115f9ce096f1719e6cd24e3ae4f9ddff906eebd

Register your copy of GEOPoint here to unlock the Pro features.