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   FileInvert - a free tool to invert all of the bits in a file.

FileInvert Program


A simple tool to invert the bits in any file.  This is free software and is provided free of charge, 'as is' with no warranty.  No registration required. 

Faced with a file of data taken from an EPROM, where the bits had been wrongly copied, so every '1' was '0', and every '0' was stored as a '1', this simple program was produced.  Used exactly once, it did it's job and hasn't been required since.  But it is provided here free of charge, in case someone else has a similar problem, to avoid them having to reinvent the wheel.  It has not been extensively tested, but was able to convert a 4GB file on Windows 7 without hiccup. 

System Requirements:

Windows 32bit: Windows XP or later.
Windows 64bit: Windows 7 or later.

This is free software and is provided free of charge, 'as is' with no warranty.  No registration required.  There is no installer for this program, just unzip the executable and run it as described below. 

Download the program here.

  DOWNLOAD FileInvert 2.4 (Windows 32 bit) (2.97MB) 

  SHA1 checksum: 02a3aa3fd0ec2153c38c8df0275aba0b1cdf64b3

  DOWNLOAD FileInvert 2.4 (Windows 64 bit) (3.5MB) 

  SHA1 checksum: 040f9f34c74db55477fd051de5c2fe0910557663

Installation steps:

1. Download the appropriate FileInvert zip file from this page (see buttons above).

2. Unzip the FileInvert executables to any location and run them directly.  There are no special install requirements. 

3. "FileInvert.exe" is the Windows GUI executable. 

4. "FileInvertcmd.exe" is the command line executable. 

	Usage: FileInvertcmd [/h] [/q] [input file] [output file]
	/h, --help    displays this help on the command line parameters
	/q, --quiet   no progress indication, only error messages

Sample FileInvert Screenshot

Sample Screenshot

Please note that the exact look and feel of the program will vary on each computer depending upon the individual user's operating system and theme settings. 

Version History

Version 1.0 released April 2016.

Version 2.0 released October 2017.

  • Add command line options & improve performance for large files.

Version 2.1 released April 2019:

  • Improved error checking & error reporting.

Version 2.2 released February 2020:

  • Minor updates to source libraries.

Version 2.3 released June 2020:

  • Separate executables for Windows app and command line only app.

Version 2.4 released April 2021:

  • Minor update to latest library versions.

This is absolutely free software, provided ad-free and without obligations.
However, should you find it useful, and wish to show your appreciation, you may buy me a coffee via PayPal using the button below: